Integrated Facilities Management

-HSEQ, Quality assurance
-24/7 Service Centre
-Management of third-party providers
-Contracts compliance
-On site Coordination and support


Technical Services

-HVAC equipment
-Plumbing, sewage system and swimming pool maintenance
-Electrical system
-Fire control
-Access control / CCTV
-Critical Engineering
-Building Management, monitoring and operation
-Common area maintenance of complexes (Street light maintenance)

Soft Services

-Waste Management
-Pool Maintenance
-Disinfectant Walkthrough Gates
-Water Tank Cleaning
-Facade / Car Park / Window / Deep Cleaning Solutions
-Laundry Management
-Pest Control/ Fumigation/ Disinfectant Spray
-Fleet Management
-Business outsourcing solutions (Payroll management / Manpower)
-Bullet resistant and bomb proofing sheets
-Guest House & Cafeteria Management
-Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) Supplies

Project Management

-Fit-out Management,
-Drawing management and approval
-Renovations, Interior Designing and Installations
-Glass & Aluminum fittings/ Replacement


Biometric Devices & Solutions

-Access control, time and attendance
-Finger print, face and IRIS recognition
-Touchless thumb digitizer (capturing and matching fingerprints with a wave of the hand).

Xpert Support Services interwoven facilities management model is based on Professionally trained customer focused
staff, innovative systems, high standards and a hunger for excellence. With the Xpert Support Services as single point of
contact for resolving client’s problems, overall reduction in operating costs & enhanced service quality has been achieved.

Xpert Support Services take immense pride in claiming quality
management ISO certification. We believe that appearances
speak volumes of the facilities we manage and thus are
managed in a top condition.


We rectify, advice and ensure compliance with rules and regulations pertinent to Health, Safety, and Quality. All Xpert servicemen are fully trained & readily available whenever you are in need. Our services are bound to alleviate workloads by improving work efficiency & allowing customers focusing on their real business needs. Xpert Support Services: Providing staff when you need them most!